Yellowstone, Tetons & Home

Just to make up for most of yesterday being pretty boring when it came to scenery today it would have been impossible to ignore the scenery.


When I saw just how big these guys are


It made me really glad that the ones closest to the road were laying down unlike this guy:


Though most of the wildlife was considerably further away.


olefaithfulThough what would be a trip to Yellowstone without seeing Old Faithful erupt or hiking back to some of the hot pools.


With raging waters.


I can’t think of many more lovely places to stop and take a hike.


You don’t have to go very far after leaving Yellowstone’s southern end to get to Grand Tetons. Those steep jagged mountains across the lake are awe inspiring.


I wasn’t the only one on two wheels who was appreciating the beauty around me.


Oh, and I did see a bear but not where it was safe to pull off and take a photo even with my long lens.  I could have sworn I took a photos while I was in Jackson Hole where I stopped for coffee and a break but if I did I sure can’t find them.  The last leg of my return home from Amerivespa was through the smoke from all the fires in Utah while I crossing Wyoming again. This time at least there wasn’t high winds but the smoke was worse in some ways.


While that may look like clouds it was definitely smoke with both particulates and smell everywhere.  Once I was back in Colorado the mountains blocked most of the heavy smoke but Colorado DOT was scaling mountain sides which resulted in lots of stops by lolipop holders. The only memorable event during this final day of riding was when I was stopped next to a guy from Steamboat riding a 1700cc Victory Bagger. The pimply faced kid holding the lolipop (looked about 14) looked over at me and asked, “when are you going to get a real bike  – you know a Harley?” Before I could respond the guy on the Victory leaned across and asked why should either of us downgrade. I couldn’t help but smile.

Later after we finally passed the last of the mountain scaling the gent on the Victory gave me a circular wave with his hand as sort of a “goodbye” and hit his throttle. I twisted mine to stay right with him because I realized I wanted  to get lunch in Steamboat and wanted to ask the Victory rider for a recommendation. As we hit at red light on the out skirts of Steamboat  stopping side by side. Before I could flip up my visor to ask him for a lunch recommendation I heard, “that scoot really moves”. Smile

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