Lysts on the Lake

Last weekend Steve & I went to Austin to watch my brother and his friends compete at Lysts on the Lake which was the first annual jousting tournament that they hope to grow into a large annual event. Lysts on the Lake is not a renaissance festival nor a dinner theater stunt show but an actual
competitive sporting event featuring some of the best horse men and women trained in the medieval equestrian arts. The armour is real, the lances are real, the hits are real and the competition was real.

Here’s a slideshow featuring a few of the photos I shot during the event:

And if all works as it should here’s a video of my brother (in the foreground) jousting against Luc both of which are riding my brother’s horses. Ladybug ridden by my brother had never had a saddle on her 3 months ago while Plum ridden by Luc, has been jousting for closer to a decade.

Lysts on the Lake

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