Well, I’ve gone and done it despite my accident last year and still having some issues with the plate and screws used to put my leg/knee back together I plopped down my money and registered for the 2014 Scooter Cannonball I know some people think I’m crazy to even get back on a scoot again despite how lovely my GTS looks with her new paint color but this has been on my bucket list for several years now.


With the 2014 Cannonball rules you are limited to a 250cc or less scooter. Which means from the scooters we own I have 3 to choose from. First, is my lovely GTS shown above but even though she is my favorite of the 3 scooters I’ve decided to leave her home in Houston. I also don’t think I’m quite adventurous enough to take our Buddy 125 from Hyder, AK to New Orleans, LA.


That leaves the 2008 Sports City my son usually rides to University of Houston most days. Fortunately, I found out that his school term ends May 3rd so I won’t even deprive him of his daily rider that is cheap to park. I did over 1,700 miles on it last March so I know what it feels like riding it day after day. In distance that’s just about half of the cannonball. I’ve seen how it handles on less than stellar road surfaces and watched as my husband did a road runner through a sand pit in a box canyon. Not only throwing a huge cloud of sand but staying upright and coming through it with a fully loaded (saddlebags, topcase, backpack) scooter. Its larger 15” wheels which will be reshod with K66 4 Seasons and fuel injection make it the best choice for my upcoming adventure.  After all, its been on adventures before. Smile


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