Got My Number

2014 Scooter Cannonball number that is, they weren’t assigned until registration closed for anyone who wasn’t keeping their same number from a previous cannonball. I put in for #56 and registered early enough that it looks like I got my first choice. Looks like I could have saved a whole 1 point if I had chosen to ride my 2006 Vespa GTS. Not that it matters I wonder how come my 2008 Sports City is listed as 1 hp more than Old as Dirt’s 2008 Sports City?


Looking forward to seeing those I know who I have already met competing (amazingly just in the snippet above I have met 7 face to face), putting faces to the names of those I know virtually (Modern Vespa mostly) and those who will be completely new to me.

So now I have to figure out how to use the vinyl cutter I picked up a few months ago to be able to make my own design with the number for the Sports City. Since the scoot is black I have all sorts of options to go with it.

I also ordered a Nolan N44 helmet to replace the N43 that was in the accident last year. Parts are on order or have arrived to replace the belt, factory rollers with Dr. Pulleys, a spare set of rims which will get the K66 4 season tires to be installed a so they can be scrubbed in before departure. I’m also adding the European turn signals but haven’t decided if I’ll have them set up as running lights or replace the DOT stalks.  The current Michelin City Grips with about a thousand miles on them will be kept just in case there is a need to replace a tire and go back on after the K66s are kaput.

I still need to work out support options since while I could change a tire or the oil if I had to I’d rather help fund a support person/vehicle since I’m still recovering from last year’s injuries and will need the rest which is one of the major reasons I’m riding modern and basically stock. My hat is off to those who ride vintage and/or heavily customized for performance scooters but I’d be thrilled to finish with both my scoot and I in good running condition without requiring repairs along the way. 

I’m not the only one who will be chronicling their adventures this year, check out:

# Rider Scooter Year Adjusted Year * Displacement Handicap (%)
36 MrMoi2000 Lambretta S1 1958   176 82
14 Classic Rider Vespa Rally 200 1975   210 99
66 Skwirly Vespa P125x 1981 1981 198 101
98 Ericalm Honda Helix CN250 1987   244 112
41 Wleuthold Vespa GT200 2006   198 114
7 HelixGeoff Honda Helix 2005   249 122
22 Feb31st Vespa GTS 2007   245 122
75 Chucklestx Kymco People 2006   250 123
56 Cdwise Aprilia SportCity 2008   245 123
59 Lostboater Vespa GTS 2009   244 123

* Adjusted year is when the frame and engine were not originally paired together. In each of these cases the engine is newer than the frame so handicap is adjusted based on the average of the two major parts.

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