Nolan N44

I finally got around to replacing my Nolan N43 helmet that I was wearing when I had my accident last year with the new N44 version.


First thing I noticed about the newer version is that there should be a lot more airflow through the US version of the helmet than there was though the US version of the N43.

The top vent is significantly larger and looks like far more air will flow through it. Plus they added a vent to the face shield though I think the face shield doesn’t have quite the viewable area of the older N43.

The next thing I noticed was that there is a curtain under the removable chinbar that is supposed to help exclude drafts but should also reduce wind noise. I know when I’m riding in the winter and have a neck tube it is quieter.

I’ll be testing it out on my upcoming trip to Atlanta so I’m looking forward to seeing how well it performs compared to the N43 I have been used to using for the last 3-4 years.

Note, my only issue setting up the helmet was installing the pinlock. Not so much the install because that really hasn’t changed (PIA as it is) but getting the sticker off the pinlock visor. Unfortunately, the sticker didn’t come off in one piece and left residue behind. By the time I got the adhesive off it looks like it may have done some damage to the soft pinlock shield. We’ll see if it causes an issue or not when I’m riding.

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