Prepping the Sports City

Today I told my son to take the BV to school since I was taking the Sports City over for belt, rollers, oil change, installing the Euro turn signals, installing the USB power point up on the windshield supports and a general top to bottom going over now that the cannonball is less than two months (gulp) away.  Took a look at the front tire and made a note to ask him when he last checked his tires. Seriously, he has 13,800 miles on the stock front tire. It should have been changed out a couple thousand miles back. Frankly, I thought the scoot had around 10,000 miles on it. So it is well past due for replacement of belts, tires (the rear was replaced a couple thousand miles ago with a Michelin City Grip).

I’m ordering the K66 4 seasons and will order a new Michelin City Grip for the front at the same time. In the meantime I’m having the front tire swapped out with the one that came on the spare rims I purchased. While it isn’t in great shape at least it isn’t bulging and there is still thread above the wear bars.

Replacement top case for the one he lost by failing to check how tight the bolts were came in. Its bigger than I was expecting but otherwise for a knock off case I’m quite pleased with it. Waterproof roll bag also arrived for my trip to Atlanta. Another surprise because it isn’t opaque as I expected so I’ll probably end up putting a regular duffle inside it.

Weather forecast for Atlanta isn’t looking as good as it did a few days ago with rain predicted  Sunday and Monday, what to do? Will it be heavy rain or just annoying? Top it off allergies are really nasty right now.

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