Motorla Razr – Windows XP & Apple Tiger

Yesterday while waiting for Micro Center to open (needed a new voice modem for the voice mail application I decided to run instead of paying SBC $20 a month for voice mail) I pulled out my phone to call my babysitter. I discovered the cell was dead. I figured, okay, its been in my purse all weekend and I don’t know when it was last on the charger. So I reach in the console, grab the car charge and nada, not a light, not a noise nothing.

Open the back, check the sim, make sure the battery I properly seated, etc.
and still nothing. Leave it on the charger for 10 minutes thinking that maybe it was so dead it wasn’t registering. Still nada, so I drove down the street to the Cingular office where we tried a different battery and a couple of other tests. Diagnosis: DOA

So this phone is 14-15 month old which means ‘out of warranty’. So I start looking at new phones. My options are limited because I require a) bluetooth for my headset and b) a tri or quad band phone that will work outside the US. That pretty much limited it to the Ericcson I had, a different Erricson,
2 Nokias (except they use a proprietary bluetooth connection method so that eliminated them) and the Motorola Razr. So I am now the owner of a Razr that is current off being unlocked so I can use a UK sim on my trip next month (Cingular offered to sell me a discounted roaming rate plan for a mere $5.98 a month plus $0.99 a minute for both incoming and outgoing calls while a UK prepay 25p the first 3 minutes of the day then 3-7p per minute after that incoming call free).

Almost all of my cell info is on the sim card but I discovered my babysitter’s phone number had been in the phone memory not on the sim. The Razr uses a mini USB connector for charging and synching. Get home and plug the Razr to my PC using the mini USB connector from one of my cameras. I get the ‘new device’ searching for drivers and nada. Check the web and in a few minutes find the correct driver. Install it and I can now charge the phone from the USB port of my tablet, cool.

Then I go looking for the synch tools to discover that Motorola sells them separately for 429.99 or with their cable for $49.99 (or something like that). While looking for the Windows driver in one thread it was mentioned that iSync recognizes and synchs with the Razr and the Mac did not need a driver to charge the phone. It did qualify that with the phone must have at least a 5% charge for the Mac to recognize it was plugged in and start charging.

Tested it and sure enough I can synch with the Mac. Only problem is it doesn’t seem to synch with Entourage, just the Mac address book which doesn’t have all the names in it. In fact what it does have is the same thing that is on the sim because that’s how I transferred the number over to the Mac in the first place (using my now dead phone and bluetooth).

So score one for Apple where for a change it did not cost more for the same functionality.

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