Texas Hill Country

With the cannonball coming up it was time to get some miles under my butt.  In anticipation for this need I arranged for Steve and I spend our anniversary weekend in Fredericksburg, TX which turned out to be Easter weekend.

002-2Late Friday morning, scoots loaded we headed out of Houston taking Highway 90 looking for wild flowers along the way. We didn’t find as many as we have on other trips but we did see some patches of bluebonnets where we couldn’t pull off to a safe place for photographs.

Probably the best we saw was a big field on the outskirts of Segine, TX as you can see in the photo to the left.  For the most part we had sunshine and fluffy clouds but other times we were riding in the wind and rain threatened a few times.

augustasThree hundred miles later we arrived at Augustus Cottage in Fredericksburg, TX. Lovely little cottage with the only thing missing was the kitchen sink. Yep, great bathroom, lovely fireplace, big doors that open from the living room and dining room but the kitchen was only a microwave and little bar sized fridge. That was fine since I didn’t particularly want to cook but not having a sink to rinse out coffee cups, plates, silverware used with the provided breakfast bread and butter was a bit disconcerting. With that caveat we were very pleased with the cottage.

014-3One benefit of staying in Fredericksburg was being able to walk to restaurants, wine tasting rooms and German brew pubs. We enjoyed dinner on the patio at the Silver Creek Beer Garden and Grill. The guys playing music were perfect, good selection of mostly ballads that were entertaining but still allowed for conversation at your table.

003-9Next morning we debated where to go with the Twisted Sisters which is probably the best known motorcycle ride in Texas losing out to a less heavily travelled route. Instead we headed towards Enchanted Rock and ended up in Llano for lunch at Cooper’s Old Time Pit Bar-B-Que. Okay, we traded one destination popular with riders for another but there are many ways to get to and from Coopers.  The selection of meats straight from the grill was impressive. Steve went for the brisket and I had steak.

While the brisket was good I think Woody’s Smokehouse in Centerville, TX is better and I know the brisket my son’s Boy Scout’s Venture Crew makes as a fundraiser for Super Bowl is considerably better. It was good enough to be worth returning to sometime in the future.

001-16While we were in line one of the couples sharing a motorcycle suggested the Willow City Loop as a side trip on our way back to Fredericksburg. Turned out to have lovely views but those photos are on Steve’s camera still so I can’t post them here.

Next morning was Easter and breakfast at the Sunset Grill, smoked salmon benedict before heading out of town in the gloom and clouds for College Station to meet up with the rest of the family for Easter.004-9

On our way back to Houston from College Station we were finally clear of the clouds but some of them were pretty dramatic. We also found some of the best fields of wild flowers, mostly Indian Paintbrush approximately 20-30 minutes south of College Station.




Total miles by the time we returned home was somewhere around 900 miles. Not a bad weekend of cannonball prep while enjoying a weekend getaway sans kids with my husband celebrating 23 years of marriage.

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