Since I needed to be in Wagoner, Oklahoma just three days after our anniversary trip it seemed like a good opportunity to continue with cannonball conditioning. My brother and I headed out mid morning from Houston, he on his BMW and me on the Scarabeo without knowing if we’d make it all the way to Wagoner or not for the 494 mile one way taking a mostly non-interstate route.

Somewhat to my surprise we did make it all the way to Wagoner for the night. Next day we headed back about 4pm after our business was completed. Not wanting to arrive home after midnight it was only 265 miles to Canton, TX. Discovered it was a “dry” town so choices were “family restaurants” with no smoking and no adult beverages or smoky Tex-Mex place with margaritas. We managed to make it for margaritas with 4 minutes to spare before their 9 pm closing. Don’t you just love small towns?

Not being a morning person like my brother who left at just past dawn I slept “late” and didn’t head home until 8 am to finish my ride home with a few detours along the way for another 270 miles. That along with a shorter ride on Monday brought my 6 day total to a bit under 2,000 miles or not that much shorter than the first 6 days of the cannonball. So I’m feeling in pretty good shape for the trip.

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