There are 5 other riders from Houston going on the Scooter Cannonball this year. 86Cannonballers are doing the ride as a fundraiser for 86Cancer:

86 cancer is a non-profit dedicated to assisting those in the service industry who are affected by cancer.

Like many charity groups 86Cancer was formed by people called to action after one of their own was diagnosed with cancer. Being a bartender with limited healthcare options the group formed to organize fund raisers for their friend and others in the service industry. After many fund raising events and thousands of dollars raised they continue their good work and we the riders of 86 Cannonball are proud to ride for them.

001Yesterday in conjunction with the H-Town Scootdown Rally they held a fundraiser at Food Truck Park where the gymkhana was being held.

Beer was donated by various breweries to help raise funds for the cancer group.  So much beer was donated that there will be a second fundraiser May 17, 2014.  Rogness brewery and they have donated 7 cases of their Lemon / Lavender Saison. Remember 10 bucks at the door, DJ and now free Pabst, Lone Star, Real Ale, Karbach, and Rogness!!!!

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