Picking up a Belt

Any excuse for a ride, right? I was thinking about what sort of spares I should take on the cannonball besides mounted rims in case of a flat. Even though I recently had a new belt and rollers put on it seemed prudent to take a spare belt with me. Now I could have ordered it online or gone over to Houston Superbikes but what did I do instead?


Hopped on the scoot and headed for AF1 Racing in New Braunfels, TX between San Antonio and Austin. Figured not only would it be good practice for the cannonball but I could see how the wildflowers were doing.

004-Edit-2 Almost all of the Indian Paintbrush and bluebonnets were gone but there were some lovely yellow fields of clover. Just like our anniversary trip there were lots of clouds. It was definitely windy in sections where ranches were wide open so that counts as practice for Wyoming.

018-3One reason I picked the New Braunfels location instead of the Austin location was the Huisache Grill. Steve and I had eaten there on a previous visit and I knew just how good their food is. I highly recommend it if you are in the area.

In case you are wondering about the bright green on my windshield that’s a microfiber cloth I keep handy for clearing the bugs off. I knot it around the windshield support to have it handy when I stop for gas since a squeegee doesn’t work as well as it does on a car.

BTW, AF1 has the largest selection of Vespas I’ve seen in a Texas dealership, actually the largest selection I’ve personally seen anywhere in the US. Below you’ll see what is on the showroom floor in New Braunfels which doesn’t represent their entire inventory not to mention what they have at their Austin location. I’m not sure that the photos below do the new Primavera’s color justice.

009-2  016-2


They were out of the exhaust gaskets at this location and I didn’t feel like adding another 75 miles to the 394 I was already committed to driveway to driveway so I’ll be getting those from Houston Superbikes.

The front tires for the scoot have come in but I’m still waiting on the all season rear.

If it isn’t shipped on May 12-13 as promised I’ll be scrambling for an alternative. Don’t you just love it when you order and they say it will ship in 2 days to be a month later and no tire in site?

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