-7 to Departure

Only a week or so before it is time to depart for Hyder, AK.  We will more or less be following the cannonball route in reverse on our way up with the exception that we’ll be departing from Houston on an intercept course. Plus we’ll take the less scenic but faster freeways part of the way.


New Skills

Yesterday we did our first ever tire change on a scooter. Took off the front wheel, then took that rim as well as the spare rim for the front over to a local shop and had the tires mounted on the rim. Then reinstalled the front tire. Ryan took it for a test ride and said there is a noticeable difference in handling with the new front. Considering that the front tire on there should have been replaced two months ago I can’t say I was surprised. The new rear is supposed to be here on Thursday or Friday. This time it will be  straight on the rear rim and then a swap with the Michelin City Grip currently on it. The City Grip has plenty of miles left but probably not enough for the entire cannonball while the new Heidenau K66 4-season should last for  many miles more than the length of the cannonball. 

We’ve added a few new tools to our garage as a result of this trip and my husband is setting up a dedicated tool bag to take with us so we can use those spare parts if we need them.

Still trying to decide what jacket to take with temps likely to range from freezing or just below some mornings to highs in the triple digits in the afternoons after we get out of the mountains.  It’s getting very real now.

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