Last Minute Crisis

56Despite the assurances given that my K66 rear tire would arrive this week it did not. So after a mad scramble and thanks to Motovista a fellow rider on the scooter cannonball and member of an in stock K66 was found on eBay. A phone call this morning was able to confirm that the tire was available but because of the Memorial Day holiday it couldn’t be shipped until Tuesday. So it is being overnighted to our family place near Breckenridge, CO with a Wednesday arrival.  Odds are good we won’t be able to get it mounted when it arrives but Old As Dirt has said he’s bringing his tire mounting and balancing tools to Hyder. He’s graciously agreed to help get it on the scoot if we can’t get it mounted before arriving. So hopefully that will be the last of the last minute issues.

Scoot is ready, mounts for camera, and GPS are installed. Test fitted the handlebar muffs in case they are needed. Decided to leave the scooter skirt at home since I’ve got plenty of layers to keep me warm and dry.  Rider number on the front with some extra black reflective striping on the front and top case. Tomorrow we load up the trailer and SUV for departure Monday.

I just hope there are no more surprises.

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