Road to Hyder

006Loaded up Monday morning and was off b y 10:30 which wasn’t too bad all things considered since despite being a holiday my son had school. It was a make-up day for weather closing last winter.

Traffic was light on 290 and we were making good progress until we got  near Waco. Whoa, heavy, heavy rain and high winds. Visibility was down to 60’ as we slowed to a crawl. Passed a building where the portico had collapsed with emergency vehicles from police cars to fire trucks surrounding it. Hope nobody was hurt. Eventually we got through it but when we stopped for gas we discovered that the high winds had damaged the windshield support on the scoot. The windshield was hanging by one support and the fastener for the other was no where to be seen. The remaining bracket connector was twisted so that the windshield was hanging near the glove box. That is probably the only reason that I still had a windshield.

002While the trailer handled the weather well the tail lights went out so stopped at Wal-Mart and picked up a new set. Then back on the road.

Near Vernon, TX we hit another bad weather section. Fortunately, the worst part was while we had stopped for a bite.  This time the wind had managed to pull one of the trailer lights off its support but Steve had zip tied the license plate attached to it to the trailer as a back-up since we have lost plates twice before. Surprisingly the trailer lights once reattached and wires tightened continued to work – yeah.

005Tuesday was uneventful with sunshine, clear, dry and only a moderate wind for West Texas and Colorado plains. Saw several wind farms.

Lots of snow still on the mountains as we headed up to Breckenridge on Colorado 9 which we’ll be coming down day 7 of the cannonball.


I almost wish I had decided to ride up along this part of the trip. Temps were moderate around 70f and we saw few people on the road. Bikes were out though.

Hoosier Pass had snow along the sides of the road but was otherwise clear and dry.


Once we arrived in Breckenridge we hopped on the bus and went for a bite to eat. Since internet was out at our house (really not happy with Comcast –arrgh) we went to Ollies for Breckenridge Vanilla Porter on nitrogen tap and free internet.

Weds morning FedEx tracking said the tire was “on the delivery vehicle” so off to Lowe’s then Murdock’s to find something to reattach the windshield with. We came up with a couple of options we’ll be trying once we get to Hyder. Damned delivery vehicle took 9 hours to get to our house. Of course the time you really need an early delivery you end up being the next to last stop for the truck. So it was nearly 7pm before we got back on the road.

002-2More of the cannonball route as we head north from Dillion towards Kremlin. This is one of my favorite rides from Breckenridge.

We didn’t make it as far as we hoped between some road work – after we turned towards Laramie not on the cannonball route on a road I will go back on with the scoot. Lovely curves but not so great after dark with clouds hiding the stars and deer on the road.

Breakfast is doe and time to hit the road again. Today will be a long slog mostly on interstate to make tracks.

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