Hello Canada

Not long after leaving Shelby, MT it was time to cross the border.


Only one lane was open this Friday morning so it took about 30 minutes to cross over after assuring the border officer we had no guns, pepper or bear spray, that we had 2 bottles of alcohol in the car and were on our way to Alaska.

002-4Next stop was the Alberta Visitor’s Center, always a good to stop at the visitor’s center when you enter a new state, province or country.

While we were there we reset the car to use KM instead of miles. We really don’t want a speeding ticket while here.

Next stop was Calgary’s Honda dealership who were able to mount the K66 tire on the rim. So now once we get to Hyder and unload the Sports City it will get its four season rear to match the front tire. Yeah!

Gas prices sure are higher in Canada. We filled up in Montana at $3.38 a gallon. In Canada we’ve paid $1.219-$1.294 per liter! Yikes, gas prices aren’t the only thing more expensive, food is another. Meals are costing 20% more than Breckenridge and 30-40% high than Houston for similar food in the same type of restaurants.

003Well that is except at Tim Horton’s where the price for coffee is about the same as Starbucks. I don’t think the coffee is any better, not that I think Starbucks has the best coffee either. Their donuts however are excellent. I’ve never had a filled donut whole before but I do wish they had more options that weren’t drenched in glaze. I prefer my donuts not so sweet they hurt my teeth (why I’m not a fan of Krispy Kremes).

Once we got back into the Rockies the scenery seriously improved which made up for the much slower road speeds (often 50-70km and never over 90km).



We finished off the day with pizza in Jasper.

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