SCB Day 10–The Finish

Woke up this morning to a really beautiful day for a short rider’s meeting reminding everyone that time stops when you get to the Abita Brewery. Of course some like Feb31st were already gone but I saw no real reason to rush. Though I did decide to stay on the four lane highway longer than the route suggested before moving to more attractive roads.

day10About 45 minutes after leaving the hotel I caught up with the Eric, Mark, Linda, Suellen, 4n6iscool and a couple of others at a traffic light. Eric took the photo to the right.

I rode with them for a little bit then decided that I wasn’t in the mood for a leisurely ride so off I went.

Most of today was like any day riding in the south with small towns and country roads with lots of police officers around them.

fromstickyThe gods were with me though and I managed to not be enough over the speed limit whenever I saw them. I was almost thankful to be between two semis on that last stretch of interstate before abita Springs where when I popped out I saw a couple of state patrol officiers pulling people over. Sadly Old as Dirt wasn’t as lucky. Stickyfrog from Modern Vespa snapped the picture Ito the left

IMG_5145When I pulled into the Abita Springs Brewery the first people I saw was Billdog and Stickyfrog. Imagine my surprise to find I was the third person on the cannonball to arrive after Feb31st (Dave has cool videos for each day of the cannonball on his blog) and Old as Dirt. I know I have more photos from Day 10 including ones with Billdog and OAD but for some reason I can’t find them but the photo to the left shows almost all the folks whether they rode in from Hyder or for Amerivespa when I arrive.

IMG_5144To the left is Lostboater parking with a group of other cannonball scooters after the California crew arrived.


IMG_5157It wasn’t long before more folks started arriving for the planned escort of the cannonball riders into New Orleans.





After a bit it seemed like there wasn’t anyplace you could squeeze in another scooter.

Parking for those further back in the Amerivespa ride out ended up parking around the back and out of sight.

sticky-copterSteve collected a fair crowd when he brought out the quadcopter to film the group leaving as you can see in another of Stickyfrog’s photos to the right.

That’s George (OldScoot) from Houston watching the quadcopter.

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