SCB–New Orleans

I must say I was a bit disappointed in the ride into New Orleans. It was my understanding that the cannonball riders would be at the head of the ride back across the causeway. This is how we started out but that only lasted until the gas stop approximately 1/2 mile from the brewery. On our group rides when there is a long stop for food/beverages either the gas stop is just before we get to the stop or people fill up during the stop so that when it is time to go there is no need to stop again.

IMG_5192As you could see in the last post video there were a lot of people surging into the gas station most of which did not need to get gas. As we pulled out there were several people who cut into the cannonball riders. Others who would cut up and in-between other riders which makes me nervous.

It was interesting riding across the causeway with its turnouts but it was definitely a thumpity thump ride.

Once we arrived in New Orleans the streets were lined with scooters at the official finish line.


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