Coffee Quest–Brasil

This morning I spent a bit more time on the computer looking for another coffee house to try while Steve was getting his shower. Narrowed it down to either Brasil or eatsie boys based on reviews, menus and their own websites.

brazil-1As a lover of Eggs Benedict the Brasil Benedict with salmon seemed like something I had to try. So Steve and I jumped on the Vespa and Sports City and headed over to Montrose (within my 10 minutes criteria.)

We quickly discovered that parking would be an issue for this coffee house since there is only on street parking. We ended up parking a block away on a neighboring street. If we’d had a car instead of the scoots I suspect we’d have been at least another two blocks away.

I did find the patio we were sitting attractive and pleasant. The back patio was also very attractive but the inside seating area was noisy despite being about half full.

brazil-1-7 brazil-1-5


The place was reasonably busy with a few people in line ahead of us when we arrived. Service was prompt with my café au lait delivered by the time I was putting my credit card slip away.


I went for a plain café au lait and Steve went for regular coffee to go with his migas.Food was brought to the table in a reasonable time.

brazil-1-4I will admit that the presentation of my café and benedict was very appealing. Unfortunately neither the coffee nor the benedict lived up to expectation. The coffee was decent but not exceptional in any way. Steve had the medium roast and said he didn’t care for it at all. The eggs were over cooked and hollandaise minimal. The salmon was bland with little texture. The potatoes however were excellent and the cooked tomatoes on the benedict tasty but not sure they worked as well as fresh would have.

After we finished eating we moved the plates to another table that needed to be bussed next to us. Almost immediately afterwards a gentleman came by and asked if he could “clear” away anything gesturing to my coffee cup that still had about 1/2” of coffee in it and Steve’s mug which also still had coffee. I felt rushed even though he took my refusal to have my unfinished coffee “cleared” without comment.

While we were eating Steve and talked about the USA Pro Challenge 2014 where for the second year in a row Tejay van Garderen wins the USA Pro Challenge. Which brought up a question on this year’s route so I pulled out the iPad to see exactly where the route went this year. At first the correct wifi network didn’t show up but eventually “brasil” showed up and I attempted to connect using the wifi password supplied on the receipt. Unfortunately every time I tied to connect I got a message that said “unable to connect” while Steve got a refill of his coffee. After returning Steve pulled out his computer and was also unable to connect. The “gentleman” who wanted to clear out walked buy on his way to clear another table. Steve asked about the wifi problem only to be told “tell AT&T about the problem its their responsibility”.  I used my phone’s personal hot spot to look up the Pro Cycling site. It was only a few more minutes before there was another “offer” to clear our table despite empty tables near us and plenty of free spaces both inside and on the other patio we took the hint and left.


Frankly, despite the décor of Brasil making me want to stay and hang out, sketch some of the plants I see no reason to return.  The atmosphere while initially appealing was poisoned by the multiple requests to clear our table before we were finished. The coffee was barely acceptable and the food looked better than it tasted. In a few days it will be time to try someplace else.

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