Crystal River

After the fog started  burning off I left Panama City Beach for Apalachicola.  Several times I tried stopping along either the Florida birding trail or the end of a road to get a bird photo with little luck. By the time I got the camera out off flew the bird, sigh.

florida-1-19Stopped for a lunch of oysters and bisque with a lovely view across the water where I noticed a bit of ground fog across the water. I also saw the sad sight of an espresso GTV strapped in the back of a pick-up truck. Felt bad for the poor scoot.

When I headed out over the bridge instead of fog below me it became the densest I had seen the entire trip, indeed for a long time. Fortunately, it disappeared shortly after I got back on solid land.

Over lunch I decided to stay in one place for a few days since I had an extra couple of days on my way to Ft. Myers. The place I picked was Crystal River to hopefully kayak or swim with the manatees after Stickyfrog posted photos on Modern Vespa. Especially since there was a nice discount available at the old style Florida resort the Plantation at Crystal Springs.

Riding down 98 not far west of Perry I passed emergency responders at the scene of a fatal accident between an unidentifiable black vehicle and an RV that reminded me just how fragile life can be. It also made me glad to be staying in one place for a few days.

florida-1-14Today I booked a sunset kayak tour before heading out to explore the area. This time I had a bit better luck taking a walk after lunch at Charlie’s Fish House I came across a gaggle or whatever you call a group of pelicans, all brown except one white.

florida-1-17On the back roads I came across the remains of an old sugar cane mill. Like the last two days though every time I stopped the scoot to take a bird photo off they flew before the camera was ready or I was in a position to take a picture. Eventually I gave up and headed back to the hotel too get ready for my kayak tour.

Discovered that last night’s bar assistant to the excellent bartender Annemarie was today’s tour guide. It was just four of us. The other two being a couple sharing a tandem kayak. We paddled over to the Three Sisters Spring which according to reports from my cannonball  friend Lostboater had been so full of manatees last week it was closed to kayaks and swimmers. With warm temperatures the last few days the manatees had deserted it.

florida-1-4The other couple had taken the swim with manatees tour in the morning and said it was manatee free when they had visited in the morning. They had found two manatees still in residence at King’s Bay which was another area we kayaked to but didn’t find any while we were there but instead watched a lovely sunset.


florida-1-15I did finally get a couple of bird photos while out on the kayak but it’s a bit difficult when you are trying to get the camera aimed and focused when the wind wants to turn you around. Smile 

Tomorrow I’m meeting up with a couple of folks and will do some more exploring.

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