Key West

i arrived last night about an hour and a half before sunset. Scooted around a bit and located the southernmost point bouy but there was a seriously long line of folks waiting to get their chance for a photo. So it didn’t seem like the best time to ride the scoot up the sidewalk for the photo I wanted. 

Instead I checked into my hotel where I found out I had been upgraded to what they called a partial ocean view. Which looked better than that description to me. 

After which I took a bit of a stroll along the docks picking up some conch fritters from a stand downtown. Stopped for a local beer Ket West Sunset Ale at Conch Repiblic. Had a good one man band/singer to listen to over it and conch chowder. 

Most of my photos are still on the SD card but I took a few this morning with the iPhone to use here. One of the benefits of being here the Monday after the spring forward time change is that sun comes up at a reasonable hour. Walk over for Cuban coffee and a “Cuban bagel” for some early morning photos before getting on the scoot. 

These early morning walking alarm clocks were roaming around. 

Once on the scoot I went over and took the one photo I was determined to get. 

If I’d had more time I’d be on a dive boat right now but since I don’t it’s time to repack the saddlebags and start heading north. A few stops have been suggested by the folks at the dive shop on my way back north so who knows where my next one will be. 

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