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by Cheryl D. Wise

Photo Albums

Over the last few years I have been trying to get out with my camera more often. Since buying the scooters we've been able to get out in the countryside and take a few landscape and wilderness pictures to add to our travels in Europe and hurricanes in Houston.

These photos were all taken with various digital point & shoots we've had over the last dozen years so don't expect anything particularly good from them. One of these days I'll figure out what I want to do. Until then except for a few photos here and there like the those below they were taken with Canon Powershots, Pentax (the one my husband graciously took on a Boy Scout canoe trip when I'd had it only 2 months - I don't need to tell you where it ended up do I?)

Here are a couple from my trip to Colorado Oct 09:

Across to Quandry
  • Across to Quandry
    Around 8 on an October morning looking across the valley at Quandry Peak
  • Ten Mile Range
    Zooming in from Baldy Rd across the valley to one of the 10 Mile Range peaks.
  • My Deck
    The first couple of images were taken from this deck looking to the west across the Blue River Valley.
  • Elk Meadows
    Mid October Elk Meadows park in Evergreen, Colorado
  • Golden, Colorado
    Can you make out the Colorado School of Mines "M" at the top of the mountain in the background?
  • Curious Ram
    This boy was checking me out as much as I was him.
  • Rocky Mountain Sheep
    This guy just couldn't get enough of posing for me.

Across to Quandry

These were taken with my Canon T1i and a Tamron 18-270mm lens. The first three were taken from the deck of our house in Breckenridge, Colorado. The others were taken later that day when I went to Evergreen then over to Golden, Co for dinner before heading back up the mountains to Breckenridge.

I'm looking forward to learning all of the things the Canon T1i can do and seeing just how much I do remember about light, composition, f-stops and how much really is different between film and digital.

It should be interesting.

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